Discretionary Services

The most challenging work that we do is the work that doesn’t officially exist. There are no court records, no lawsuits to be filed, no official recognition provided. This type of work is at the heart of private intelligence. We are often asked, “What exactly is ‘Discretionary Services’?” It holds no true definition other than: this is what we can offer when the client is faced with circumstances that require very real solutions with a sincere need to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality. In effect, it is the service we offer that has no list of examples. Were we a restaurant, it would best be referred to as “an off-menu” item. To the casual browser, this page means nothing, but the future client who finds themselves in the strangest circumstances life can offer will understand fully the necessity of the discretionary services we offer.

It is the client who determines what that is.

It is we who resolve it for them.

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