Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence is raw information collected through various methods that can be assessed, vetted and ranked according to its accuracy and reliability. Intelligence is often utilized in the decision-making process but is not required to be court-admissible or meet evidentiary requirements.


Business Transaction Intelligence & Consulting

Preparing for, negotiating, and then executing transactions is essential to successfully concluding a deal. We play a decisive role in this process by providing actionable intelligence to augment your decision-making and due diligence process. The information we develop and provide our clients cannot be collected from behind a desk. We provide the data required to make informed investment decisions; enter into joint ventures, partnerships or strategic alliances; and negotiate high-risk, high-value business deals. Our research discloses unknown information that sheds light on the poorly understood aspects of a given opportunity by providing our clients with leverage to bring to the table. Our insights are based on facts we gather in the field and are drawn from human sources, proprietary deep database research and a network of independent contacts within various industries. All intelligence collection is preformed with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Competitive Intelligence

In business, whoever has the best information wins. Cornerstone strives to provide timely and accurate information to permit our clients to make better informed decisions, identify opportunities and compete more effectively. Our experience, which is rooted in conducting human intelligence collection and counterintelligence operations for the U.S. Government, allows us to provide unique solutions for our private sector clients. Our work includes:

  • Assisting with complex or difficult negotiations by identifying and filling information gaps.
  • Examining risk and stability issues involving concerns over labor, local government, corruption and crime, physical security and regional security.
  • Reporting on relevant aspects of supplier relationships or specific commodities that affect business operations, including productions levels, inventory, and shipping.
  • Identify and counteract any rival effort to weaken the reputation of our client.
  • Identify commercial and governmental allies of competitors while developing influential potential client contacts and relationships.