Life Crisis

Traditionally when one thinks of a private investigation agency dealing with family issues, it is centered around a spouse having an affair, or perhaps leading a double life. Perhaps this is in fact true for most agencies. But through our years of experience, we have sought to help resolve issues that plague families as a whole. In some cases it’s about bringing families back together when a loved one has simply picked up and walked away from their life, leaving no clues as to why they left or where they are going.

It may be about contending with substance abuse and the lies that go along with addiction. We have developed our own methods and techniques that we employ with the goal of helping families get the facts, confront the issue, and help your loved one get the treatment they need, in a manner that suits them.

In other cases, it can be about real world rescue and finding a family member or members who have found themselves in dire circumstances and need to be brought home. Whether their circumstances stem from natural disasters, man-made causes, or are self-inflicted, our firm has the ability to bring them home.

We know that a “Life Crisis” is a unique set of circumstances for both families and private clients where defining the issue is far less important than resolving it quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

Our firm is that middle ground you require, when the police can do nothing and an attorney can only offer you a solution through the courts.