Marital Auditing

Marriage brings with it a lot of outside influences. In the modern era we often refer to this as “baggage,” and while it is often made light of in humorous context, we all realize that it is a very real thing and that it can manifest itself in very real ways. It can be about previously broken trust, old wounds that have never quite healed, or in some cases just personal insecurities that manifest in problematic ways, where one spouse levels accusations against the other that are really based on uncertainty.

Marital Auditing is a term we coined to help contend with the worry and suspicions a spouse can feel when things seem off but they’re not sure why. In contrast to the typical “private eye” scenario, where the client hires someone to follow their spouse and then are left on their own to determine what to do next, we sit down with the client and outline an actual audit. We start by listening to the client’s concerns, asking purposeful questions, and providing insight and direction, with an overall objective to helping the client determine what is going on in their marriage, with their spouse, and ultimately a solid course of action for the future. Whether it’s utilizing GPS tracking, establishing accountability for a spouse who is prone to cheating, utilizing our in-house mental health professional for one-on-one or family therapy sessions, or developing an exit strategy if the marriage is not salvageable, our goal is the same: to help the client navigate through the emotional tide towards real solutions.