What makes stalkers so terrifying is that it is an individual’s problem. A stalker doesn’t target, select and then harass twenty people, or even five people. They stalk one.Their victims are often left feeling isolated, harangued by the continuing harassment of a maddening individual that refuses to cease their terror campaign. It brings with it a wide array of emotions, from sheer terror to having continual conversations of self-introspection, where the client thinks to themselves that maybe they are just “overreacting” or that somehow this is their fault.

The reality is, stalkers are based on the darker edges of an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. In short, a stalker has to stalk.

Yet, if one were to remove the terror felt from the constant and seemingly un-removable force that has attached itself to their life, the word most often used to describe their circumstance is: frustrated.

Clients come to us, not as a first response but rather, as a last resort when they learn, sometimes after months or even years, that there is very little law enforcement and prosecutors can do. The sad truth is that the system routinely fails the victims of stalking.

Fortunately for our clients, we exist to change the circumstances they are suffering under. We are well regarded and routinely sought out for our work against stalkers.

You are not alone. We can change the course of action.